Specially Crafted for Master Players.

To satisfy requests of the bass master, Chuck Rainey, we have fused P-type and J-type basses and created a totally new breed.
Introducing the XPJ-1T Chuck Rainey model.


Chuck Rainey

“I enjoy the neck and body playing comfort on this instrument and looked forward to playing it as I continue to pursue my playing career. Many thanks to Xotic for giving me an opportunity to professionally express myself on an instrument prepared with me in mind”

Tanya O'Callaghan

“I adore my Xotic XPJ-1T, its sonic versatility for both studio recording and live is outstanding. I love the feel and finish of the maple neck and the all round workmanship in the wood is amazing! This bass really does pack a serious punch!!”



Trusted for its quality and precision, we use the Hipshot Ultralite for the machine heads. They are durable and lightweight, which helps for longevity and prevents head dive.


Jescar Fret Wire is an industry standard fret wire that is chosen for its high quality. It is trusted for its superior precision and durability by makers such as Gibson, Martin and Tom Anderson. The FW9665 model used for the XPJ series, has proper height and trusted stability in pitch.


2 coil bobbins for 1~2 string and 3~4 string are configured to cancel the hum noise like P-Bass.

Its rear pickup is the same one used on XJ-1T which is a XOTiC original pickup. This pickup has a similar sound of Lindy Fralin but also has a stronger magnetic power than Lindy resulting a much better picking response.


The XPJ series use Hipshot A-Style bridges because its brass alloy does not insulate vibrations from the strings, giving it fat and solid tone. This bridge provides adjustments to the pitch and tension of each string allowing for a custom setup.


The Xotic Bass preamp is modern feat of engineering with its tiny size and huge sound. Along with two volumes (discrete controls of P&J pickups), tone control (push/pull for active and passive) Mid/Treble frequency selector and 20db of boost, this 3-band EQ allows the player to shape its tone anyway he or she likes.